Speaking Things In To Existence Is More Real Than You Think

Speaking Things In To Existence Is More Real Than You Think

I’ve written about this a few separate times before, but if you read my content somewhat regularly you’ll know that when something surfaces in my real life again I feel the need to reiterate it on my site.

You may remember that I mentioned at the beginning of this year my word to focus on for the next 365 days, or 301 days at this point, is build.

Today I took a step outside what has been my comfort zone and I attended a roundtable event to get some more information and insight on a subject I am highly interested in. It was at this event that I was smacked in the face yet again by the ability of what we say and think to become present in our real life..

On many occasions in 2020 I have sat down to journal and have mentioned how badly I would like to get paid to write content for other people or businesses. I make it a point to sit down and write out, and sometimes even say out loud, what it is that I want my future to look like.

When I sit down to do this the same things will usually come out. A happy marriage and a healthy family, a beautiful home, successful businesses, getting paid to write for others, an opportunity to build businesses, and a handful of other recurring visions.

I’m telling you this because today at the event I attended, I had a conversation with two other gentlemen who are both currently searching for somebody to write content for them.

Nothing has been agreed upon yet as we have hardly had any discussions about it other than a few minutes today – but the simple fact of this door presenting itself to me is the greatest part.

I don’t need handouts or guarantees. I don’t need other people doing things and setting stuff up for me.

All I need is a drive to move forward. My drive to move this very website forward and make it bigger and better is what brought me to the event I was at today. My drive is what showed me a door, or two, to an opportunity to be paid to write content for someone else.

When you consciously map out what you want to happen, it makes it all possible. Hardly anything great was achieved on accident…

I can assure you that almost all of the greatest companies and the greatest people on the planet set out to be great. They knew what they wanted to accomplish and they found a way to get it. Of course the plans will never work exactly as we lay them out, but even by only wanting something and imagining it, you can create it.

I’m not going to go in to it but please do not forget, speaking things in to existence still happens even if you are speaking negatively…


Attachment Is The Root Of All Suffering: The Four Noble Truths

Attachment Is The Root Of All Suffering: The Four Noble Truths

Buddhism is most commonly recognized as a peaceful and happy religion, so it might come as a surprise to you what the first recognized Noble Truth is.

To live, is to suffer.

Meaning that simply by being here and experiencing the things that we experience as humans – we will experience suffering. It may seem pessimistic and negative in nature but really all that it means is that there cannot be light without darkness.

No good without the bad.

Therefore, the good of life and all that we enjoy must bring with it suffering and the darker times.

The second noble truth is what I want to focus on right now, and it will explain where the suffering you experience will come from.

The second noble truth acknowledges attachment as the main factor for suffering. To avoid suffering in our lives we must first understand where it comes from and why we experience it.

According to Buddha, the basic cause of suffering is “the attachment to the desire to have (craving) and the desire not to have (aversion)” – zenlightenment.net

All of us hold desire for something at any given time, and by this point in your life you may have already learned that not all of our desires can be fulfilled. Each time your stomach growls with hunger you might not be able to satisfy it, which will bring you discomfort and minor suffering.

The same is true for people who are incredibly ambitious and set out to achieve large goals. They may become so attached to the desire of achieving the goal, that any moment spent with that goal unachieved will leave them suffering at almost all times.

It can be confusing to hear these words from a source that talks about hard work and achieving goals so much, but don’t think of this as me telling you to stop desiring anything and everything – I won’t do that myself and I would never suggest you do that.

The purpose of me putting this together is simply to relay the message to you that 1; to live is to suffer, and 2; desire is the root of suffering.

The other problem pointed out by Buddha is that denying desire is like denying life itself. A person has to rise above attachments and for that, he need not deprive himself. The problem arises when he does not know where to put an end to his desires. And when he yields into his desires, he becomes a slave to them.


Be Patient & Find What Works Best For You

Be Patient & Find What Works Best For You

It might take you some time to figure out what methods and systems work best for you, and that is perfectly fine.

What isn’t perfectly fine however, is giving up after trying only a handful of things.

The beauty is in the process. While it may not seem like it, you have time to figure it out. Regardless of how you old you are, your drive to improve and find what works for you should never diminish.

I’m thankful every day for the time I have ahead of me to figure out what Skyler should be doing. I have time to try, and fail.

As do you, regardless of your age. Because the amount of years you may or may not have left is not what I mean when I say time. I mean you have plenty of tries.

It’s like you are playing a baseball game and you are up to bat – but you will never strike out!

Swing as many times as you want. Try and hit the curve ball in the dirt. Take a hack at the high and inside fastball. You might not always hit the ball, but guess what? Here comes another pitch. Here comes another day.

Whether you know baseball or not is not the point, but I will mention that of all the professional baseball players who have hit hundreds and hundreds of home runs in their careers, some were better than others at hitting curve balls for home runs, and some were better at hitting fastballs for home runs.

(That was a long sentence, and I apologize for that) ^

But just because your neighbor wakes up and goes for a run every morning, that doesn’t mean you have to be the person who gets up while it is still dark out to go for a jog.

You can be the one who finds time over a lunch break.

You can be the one who can get the most effective workout after work.

And it isn’t just exercise.

Just always keep in mind, different stokes for different folks.

I (think) I am finally finding out what works best for me, and it isn’t what works best for my friends. And that is awesome to me.

Take your time and try a bunch of different methods. Different diets, different workouts, different morning routines, all of it. Move things around and test it all out, you will eventually find out what works best.

A good way to do this, but you have to be careful, is to let yourself idle for a short moment.

Do nothing and be nothing, and find out what comes naturally for you.

I took a step back for a moment to find out what I naturally do, and I have found out that it is a task for me to get up and eat breakfast every day. So what works best? Intermittent fasting. I skip breakfast and don’t eat until a little after lunch, and then I eat big for just a few hours of the day.

Enough about me though, this isn’t what this is about.

This is about YOU.

Do YOU. Find out what works best and roll with it!

Good luck.


If The Internet/Social Media Suddenly Quit Working…What’s In Store For You?

If The Internet/Social Media Suddenly Quit Working…What’s In Store For You?

We all know how important social media platforms, and the internet as a whole, are to our lives. They help elevate us and allow us to reach people on the other side of the world instantly. Without a doubt, we are the only humans to have set foot on this earth that have this ability.

Aside from all the negativity that social media garners, it truly is an incredible tool for us. People make their livings on all different platforms of social media in what seems to be an infinite amount of ways.

A problem arises when we suddenly no longer have these things though..

What would become of our lives if suddenly we had no internet, or if we had no social media?

Are you able to survive and thrive in ways that don’t involve a computer or a cell phone?

You may be thinking about how you don’t make any money from social media or the internet because you have a real job.

How many emails do you send a day for your job? How many potential clients do you find and communicate with via Instagram or LinkedIn?

I would guess that it is a decent amount.

Today, July 3, 2019, a handful of the major social media platforms are down.

People have been struggling to send messages on Twitter, post pictures to Instagram, share posts on Facebook, etc.

It isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and it isn’t the last.

So, and not to get apocalyptic or anything, what will you do when the internet stops working?

*Side note – Also, what will you do when the banks fail? Cause that’s gonna happen a lot sooner than we think. I may write about this another time but not today.

Are you able to survive, make money, and continue to improve without the internet?

Do a quick self reflection and ask yourself how dependent you are on social media and the internet.

Build your life and prepare for a future of chaos only to realize that it is truly a walk in the park. It is so so so much better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Hope I didn’t scare you…


You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be

You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be

There may come a time where you wish you had started sooner. You might wish you had hit the right groove before you actually did.

It doesn’t work that way though. Things timed out for you the way that they did on purpose. If you had stumbled upon the signs and the signals earlier, which you may have, you wouldn’t have been able to accept them.

You are where you are because that is where you are supposed to be.

You are where you are because the lessons and the twists you encountered put you here.

Many times, you have to get lost to understand where you are and how to find yourself.

The time this journey takes is what makes the experience so sweet. The delayed gratification and the turbulence you withstand is what makes the arrival so grand.

The breakthroughs you experience and will experience wouldn’t be such a breakthrough if you had it all from the beginning. You know from experience by now that if something is handed over to you for free you are unable to appreciate it as much as you would had you worked day in and day out for it.

This is on purpose.

You aren’t late. You aren’t missing out on anything. Your journey is still being written, let it come to you. Keep your head down and keep pushing forward, you will end up where you are supposed to.


Staying Calm in the Face of Adversity; Let the Universe Nourish Your Soul

Staying Calm in the Face of Adversity; Let the Universe Nourish Your Soul

It can be extremely difficult to stay calm when it seems like walls are closing in around you and you think everything is about to hit the fan. That is the most important time to stay calm though.

By staying calm, you keep your vibrations where they need to be for you to be open to what the universe has to give you.

If you are too high strung and anxious, the negative energy that comes with those states of being deflects, instead of accepts.

This may sound a little bit off the wall at first, but I can promise you, and tell you that from personal experience, this is exactly the case.

When you are facing a change in life, or there is an impending obstacle that you know may bring with it a little bit of difficulty, your ability to stay calm and accept the situation is what will allow you to come out on top.

Am I saying that staying calm and letting life happen will mean that only good things will happen to you? No.

We all know that there are times in life that we don’t get treated how we want to by the world around us. Just know in those times where you feel like you are being defeated, all that is happening around you is happening to set up success and happiness later.

It is all testing you and preparing you and building you up.

It may hurt in the moment, it may be scary, and it might even set you back a few steps, but what is so bad about that?

If you face something and you lose a little bit of money…guess what? There’s plenty of more days to make the money back.

Everything that happens in your life is there to teach you and prepare you for the events to come. How you handle each situation, especially the tough ones, will determine the situations that you are given in the future.

So always remember that no matter what is coming your way, to stay calm and know that all that is about to happen in your life is happening FOR you not TO you. It is all there to help you level up and help you grow, so sit back, stay calm, and let yourself grow.

A rainstorm may be frightening to a flower, and the rain may hurt and the thunder may be loud, but the flower grows more from a rainstorm than it does from a sunny day.

Now that you are this far in this post you may be asking HOW to stay calm, and if you are that is excellent.

I will tell you exactly how I do it, and I will tell you a short non-detailed story that recently happened to me that is pushing me to write this.

I have a big change in my life coming up within the next week, and I recently experienced a small bump in the road that could have potentially taken quite a bit of money out of my hands when I need it most.

The news came to me that I might be missing out on a paycheck, and instead of letting a pit develop in my stomach and some negative thoughts creep in to my head, my first thought was about how if that is the case I would be able to sell some things or pick up an extra job and make some extra money.

It wasn’t about how screwed I’ll be if I miss out on that paycheck, it was simply about opening up myself to other opportunities if needed.

I constantly told myself, and other people close to me, that I’ll be able to work it out and everything will be alright.

That is exactly what I tell myself to stay calm.

‘It’ll be alright’

And I know that sounds a little too simple to really work, but if you believe in your soul that no matter the situation, everything will workout in your favor and benefit you in the end, it really will.

Sometimes you have to trick yourself in to calmness as well. If it doesn’t come to you naturally, you have to fake it till you make it and force yourself to believe it. Tell yourself over and over that it will be alright in the end.

Let your frequency match up with what the universe has planned for you.

Slow yourself down. Slow down your thoughts and open up to what is coming to you. If you are calm and available, everything will be able to come to you much easier than if you are anxious and nervous.

But most importantly, the best way to allow all of this to happen is to quit worrying about things that are out of your control.

Like I mentioned the flower and the rainstorm, does it do any good for the flower to worry about when the rain will stop? Absolutely not.

The flower will be much better off enjoying the hydration and knowing that the water will nourish the roots and help it grow and continue to be healthy.

Sit back, let everything come to you, and let what the universe brings to you nourish your soul and help you grow, because that is exactly what it wants to do.