What Is So Bad About Being A Copy Cat?

What Is So Bad About Being A Copy Cat?

I’ve been reading a book lately, appropriately titled Copycats. I’m sure you have no idea where my inspiration for this post came from…

It is written by Oded Shenkar, and speaks heavily on how imitators actually become some of the best innovators in the world when it comes to business.

I am reading it for the business aim that it takes, but these ideas can be implemented in multiple aspects of our lives.

We have all heard of Boeing, correct? If you’ve ever flown out of a public airport, there is a 99% chance you have flown in a Boeing engineered airplane.

One of, if not the biggest, powerhouses in the commercial aviation industry, had nothing to do with the invention of the commercial airliner.

Comet, an airline company that was dominating the market in the 1950’s, suffered a few crashes in too small a period of time, and the Boeing President at the time saw an opportunity.

Bill Allen saw one of the Comet models at the Farnbourough Air Show and immediately saw an opportunity to take the mold of what has already been created, and simply add a few tweaks to improve it.

This realization probably saved Boeing millions and millions of dollars in R&D.

Now, enough business talk. How does this apply to you?

Because odds are, you aren’t the best in the world at what you are doing.

Don’t be upset at hearing that though, I’m not trying to dishearten you, that is just a simple fact.

You should actually be thrilled about this, it means people have paved the way before you and you can catch up, or even pass them!

Look at someone who is one of the best in the world at what you are doing. Use all of the resources you can, and try your best to pick them apart. Watch them work and study their finished products as much as you possibly can. Find out what they do really well, and find out what they do poorly.

The latter is the most important part.

If you can take someone who is the best at what you both are doing and dissect their strategies and techniques with the intent of making sure that YOU perfect THEIR drawbacks, you are already ahead.

They have spent years and years of work and practice to get to where they are right now. They have made mistake after mistake and potentially lost money, friends, family, the list goes on and on.

There is innovation, imitation, and imovation.

Be an imovator.

Mix the two worlds of imitating and innovating.

Use paths already walked before you, and find out how to walk that same path more effectively and productively.


The In-Between State Of Your Energy

The In-Between State Of Your Energy

Personally, I am really good at staying focused and working extremely hard for a couple weeks at a time, but after those couple of weeks, I find myself slipping up for a couple days.

I’ll get in my head and think ‘I’ve been working my ass off for the last three weeks, I deserve this food or I deserve this day off.’

This isn’t a bad thing.

Because when I put it in perspective, I used to go about 5-6 days and then allow a cheat.

I have lengthened my bouts of hard work and improvement, so naturally my ratio of good to bad days is getting bigger and bigger as time goes on.

I saw a post on Instagram today from one of my favorite accounts – @sourcemessages.

It was the inspiration behind my post today, and I will attach the original at the bottom for further clarification.

But essentially, when you are on your journey to a new you, you have to be patient enough to understand that the progression will take time.

It will be a while before the new you has fully moved in and the old you has fully moved out.

You’ll see in the instagram post, it can easily be compared to swapping out the furniture in your house.

Often times, a remodel of your living room is not going to happen in one day.

You’ll buy some new art work, throw the old stuff out.

You’ll get a new coffee table, get rid of the old one.

You’ll buy a new couch, sell your other one.

It takes some time to make a full transition no matter what the circumstances are.

So when things seem all over the place, when you think you have been on a roll and all of a sudden have a bad day… remember that it is like this because you are transitioning.

Almost NEVER, will you be able to dedicate yourself to a change and be immediately flawless in implementing your new lifestyle choices.

As the post finishes, I will too.

Everything you have ever asked for is making its way in to your life, and you should find joy in that.

@sourcemessages Instagram


How Are You Going To Explain Your Failure?

How Are You Going To Explain Your Failure?

We all (should) have some pretty big goals in front of us at all times.

I write about goals and vision and things of that nature quite a bit, but today I want to touch on the fear of failure and how it can be an extremely effective motivator.

I have a fairly daunting task in front of me this summer, with a reward waiting at the end to match the journey.

Things are getting pretty down to the wire in terms of time left to accomplish this task, but I’m not freaking out about it (hardly ever do, does no good).

One thing that was brought up to me today in regards to this task, was how I would explain to everyone around me if I were to fail.

‘I’m just not smart enough.’

I didn’t study as much as I should have.’

‘I was afraid to ask for more help even though I knew I needed it.’

These aren’t necessarily excuses, but every time you fail, people are going to want to know why. YOU are going to want to know why.

99% of the time, you will know exactly why.

You’ll know that you took too many breaks, too many days off, not enough late nights, whatever it may be.

You will know, but everyone else will also want to know.

So I come to you today with this, DON’T FAIL. Set your time frame to accomplish your goal, and do every single thing you can to make it happen.

As these last few weeks close in on my time frame, I know for a fact I am going to be giving every last ounce of energy I have to accomplish this goal.

When you have something in front of you, and other people know about it, think about how you’re going to explain yourself to those expecting highly of you if you are unable to achieve what you set out to.

I promise the story of why you failed won’t come down to the task being too difficult, it’ll come down to your preparation and your execution.

Give so much to it, that failing isn’t even an option.


New Dimension Protein Flash Sale

New Dimension Protein Flash Sale

New Dimension Supplement Club is putting on a flash sale TODAY ONLY that cannot be beat.


25 servings of protein

23 grams of protein per serving

Trust me, you do not want to pass this up.

You have the opportunity today to set yourself up for long term success. Your work ethic is there, your consistency is there, now supplement it with a product that will work just as hard as you do.

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What is New Dimension Supplement Club?

What is New Dimension Supplement Club?

If you are reading this, the chances that you’ve at least seen the words ‘New Dimension Supplement Club’ on one of my social medias are pretty high.

I’m finally going to answer the question that titles this article.

New Dimension is an exercise supplement club that currently boasts a product line of four items.

  • Whey Protein
  • Pre Workout
  • Creatine
  • Amino Acids

Formerly known under a different name and created in 2015, myself and three other business partners came together to purchase the company and rebrand/rename it. We have officially owned the company for two months, and things are really starting to fall in to place.

I have learned a TON that I will share another time and in a different setting, but there are definitely some things that I can take away and teach on that don’t involve Shopify, FBA, Recharge, Conversio, Gempages, etc.

But for now, back to New Dimension.

We are a supplement CLUB not a supplement COMPANY. We model our purchases on a membership basis, with a recurring purchase discount. Meaning that if you head to our site you will be able to purchase a tub of protein at retail price once, or you can cut 15% off the cost if you decide to sign up for automatic monthly reshipment’s.

Since we are still in our infancy, and we purchased a previously existing brand, that means we have some product to move.

1,000 units to be exact.

Gear coming soon.

When we purchased the company, it came with assets from social medias, website domains, email marketing lists, as well as inventory.

The absolute BEST part of all of this though? The inventory is high quality product.

Let me say that again…


As an athlete who has been taking supplements for the last ten years, I have tried and tested quite a few different lines of supplements.

Before we bought this company I USED THE SUPPLEMENTS FOR A MONTH.

If they weren’t great supplements, we would not have bought the company. We wouldn’t have bought 1,000 units of sub-par product to sell to our customers. We are in this, and we are selling the former companies supplement line because we believe in it.

Once we sell out of the 1,000 units we currently hold, all we are going to do is change the packaging to match our branding, and add a few flavor variations to our product lines.


There is nothing for us to reformulate because the ingredient lists are already exactly what we would like to sell.

Clean ingredients packaged in an FDA approved manufacturing facility. Short lists of ingredients that prove there are no fillers and no additions you don’t need.

That explains New Dimension in a nut shell, but if you have any other questions please visit our site and check it out!

If you read this all the way through and are interested in trying some of our supplements, head to our website and follow the links to our Instagram page where we have an active giveaway rolling until Wednesday of this week. Follow us, like our most recent picture, let us know what your biggest summer goal is, and be entered to win a weeks worth of free supplements!


Correspondence & What That Means To You

Correspondence & What That Means To You

Inspiration from this article came from a post on medium.com written by Justin C Scott.

Do me a favor and for a moment, picture a tree.

Think about how each part of the tree is basically a mirror image of a different part of the tree.

The branches? A smaller version of the trunk. And the trunk? A larger version of the branches.

The Law of Correspondence explains that this is exactly how our entire universe is structured. The inner truth of the functionality of our universe is in fact a carbon copy of the outer truth.

As above, so below…

Now when it comes to your personal life, how does this come in to play?

I’ll tell you.

The way you view the outside world and everything that happens to you, is a direct reflection of what is happening inside of you. All of the negativity and the hate that you see around you, more so shines light on what is going on internally than externally.

If your mental environment is one that is toxic, you will find yourself in situations and surrounded by people that are also toxic.

Like attracts like…

If you notice that you may have trace amounts of toxicity in you, I have the perfect solution.

Is it the Golden Rule? Treat others as though you wish you be treated?

No. In fact, it is the Platinum Rule. Live your life with an understanding that everyone and everything around you IS you.

Look at what bothers you most about people, and you may just find that same issue is what bothers you about yourself.

Keep this in mind for the next week, act on it, and watch as your external world slowly begins to shift in correspondence with the changes you’re making to your internal world.