What is New Dimension Supplement Club?

If you are reading this, the chances that you’ve at least seen the words ‘New Dimension Supplement Club’ on one of my social medias are pretty high. I’m finally going to answer the question that titles this article. New Dimension is an exercise supplement club that currently boasts a product line of four items. WheyContinue reading “What is New Dimension Supplement Club?”

The Smartest People Know That They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

There are things out there that you do not know, but they are there for you to know. When you find this knowledge and apply it, it will make you better at what you are doing than you are right now.

30 Examples of Moments/Things You Can Start Being Thankful For

As I go through my day I am actively seeking out things to be thankful for and things to appreciate. Instead of finding hate and negativity, I continuously find love and reasons to be excited about life.

If You Don’t Like What You Are Getting, Take A Look At What You Are Giving

Before you curse the world and everybody in it for what has been coming to you as of late, take a few steps back and slow down and truly try to recognize the energy that you have been giving.

How Judgment Holds Us Back From Experiencing Love; Bias Is A Silent Killer of Relationships

Hold back the reigns on your judgement after first impressions, so not to limit the potential of your relationships within mere minutes of meeting somebody.