Do Not Seek Praise – Seek Criticism

Do Not Seek Praise – Seek Criticism

The following is penned from the book It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden. I recently reread the book and this is one of my favorite sections from it.

Here you go –

It is quite easy to get approval if we ask enough people, or if we ask those who are likely to tell us exactly what we wish to hear.

The likelihood is that most will tell us nice things rather than be too critical. Also, we as humans have a tendency to mute out the bad that comes from others, and only hear the good. Selective hearing some could say.

So if you have produced a pleasantly acceptable piece of work, you will have proved to yourself that it is good because others will say so.

The work you have done is probably okay, but probably not great.

Instead, if you look at your product with some what is wrong with it glasses on, you are much more likely to get an answer that will help you improve.

Your idea as a whole may even improve.

And yet you are always in the position to reject criticism if you feel it is incorrect.

Arden’s book is stocked full of 1-2 page short essays that each hit you with an incredible truth. The precision of the ideas make it easy to decipher the meaning behind his words.


Writing Prompt 1/29/2020: Fight (Nonet)

Writing Prompt 1/29/2020: Fight (Nonet)

The bumps and the bruises are part of the game.

You fall down seven times but stand up eight.

With no regret you push on ahead.

You’ll do it for family I said.

Nothing is impossible.

You are unstoppable.

Look inside your mind.

What do you find?

Is there grit?

No quit?


Writing Prompt 1/20/2020: Sun

Writing Prompt 1/20/2020: Sun

Beneath the flowers and the stems,

lie the roots and weeds to condemn.

You look so pretty up top,

underneath are you clean or a dirty workshop.

You must dig to find out,

look in every corner for why you may doubt.

Shackles and chains,

always deny what you wish to attain.

Grab a flashlight and look for the dark,

make it light and get it right.

Writing Prompt 1/18/2020: The Oasis

Writing Prompt 1/18/2020: The Oasis

The day will soon come when you develop your self.

The night will soon come when you un-develop.

The morning will soon come when you re-develop.

The day will soon come when you un-develop.

The night will soon come when you re-develop.

The whole of your life will never be fully, but the path of your soul will always be lovely.

It may hurt and you may not belong.

But we all do, or nobody would.

The Oasis waits, come one or come all.

The Oasis waits, but without you will not exist.