Dream Boards Don’t Make Your Dreams Come True

Dream Boards Don’t Make Your Dreams Come True

One thing I have noticed recently, and it may sound obvious, is that things are only going to happen for you if you make them happen. Sitting back and being patient and letting the world come to you, counting on the law of attraction to build the life you want, will never get you to the top of the mountain.

There is one thing and one thing only that gets you to your goals, or the top of the mountain, and that is taking steps.

Left, right, left right, left, right.

You are the one who moves your feet, and you are the one who decides where you go and how fast you get there.

I’ve been moving much faster lately and it has almost turned in to an adrenaline rush for me. I love the idea of getting up in the mornings and knowing that I am going to be challenging myself throughout the course of the day.

I have a handful of opportunities and responsibilities coming in to my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. They are all things that I haven’t done before, and I might not necessarily be prepared for, but I am thrilled beyond words for them.

Like I mentioned Jesse Itzler saying the other day, ‘if you wait until you are fully prepared to open the doors in your life, you will never open them.’

I only heard that a couple days ago but I am already implementing it and feeling that new mindset shift my day to day thinking.

So with that being said, begin to work towards something. Put yourself in situations that will allow you to grow and learn, and show yourself that you can dominate every day of your life.

Push yourself in the direction of something that you want and you will start to notice big shifts in your overall life.

You’ll feel fresher.

You’ll wake up in the mornings easier because you have something driving you to get out of bed.

You’ll have a purpose that gives meaning to your thoughts and actions.

Test yourself and try new things. Grow as a person and you’ll love what you become.


An Important Part of Your Mindset is Remaining Open To Blessings and Opportunities

I talk a lot about mindset and how important it can be, and obviously I am a very firm believer in this as I am working on my first e-book titled The Mindset Muscle, but one thing I have yet to touch on when it comes to mindset is how vital it is to remain open at all times.

Staying relaxed and in a positive state at all times will help you open up to the universe and accept the gifts that it wants to give you.

When you are anxious and nervous, you are blocking off the energy that the universe wants to bring in to your life.

So by staying positive and existing in a good vibration, you will allow good things to flow to you.

I experienced this yesterday and this morning with an opportunity that seemed to coincidentally arise after reading a book and listening to a podcast.

I won’t get in to too much detail, I did that in the email I sent out this morning to my email list.

But here I will tell you a bit about what I experienced.

I read a book yesterday that helped me understand a little bit more about who I am and how I operate, and I also listened to a podcast yesterday with two very prominent businessmen and they spoke about simply opening the door when opportunity knocks.

I learned yesterday that my personality type is the type that likes to learn everything and understand situations before I dive in to them, but I also learned yesterday that the best way to go through life is learning after you open the door. Because if you wait until you are fully prepared, you will never open it.

This morning I woke up to a text message with a business opportunity, and it was amazing how in tune it was with those two things that I learned yesterday.

There is a company that the owners want out of, in an industry that I know a little bit about but definitely not enough to kick down the door just yet.

But after the day I had yesterday, I know that I was put in this situation because I have been putting out good vibrations and positive thoughts, and so the I am being allowed an opportunity to help me grow and learn even more.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because I want you to understand that what I write about and what I tell you guys is the cold hard truth, and I practice it and I experience it coming to life for me.

It is real life, and that is how the world around us works.

So be prepared, be open, be accepting to new things that come your way and want to teach you, because everything that happens for you is helping to push you forward.


Staying Calm in the Face of Adversity; Let the Universe Nourish Your Soul

Staying Calm in the Face of Adversity; Let the Universe Nourish Your Soul

It can be extremely difficult to stay calm when it seems like walls are closing in around you and you think everything is about to hit the fan. That is the most important time to stay calm though.

By staying calm, you keep your vibrations where they need to be for you to be open to what the universe has to give you.

If you are too high strung and anxious, the negative energy that comes with those states of being deflects, instead of accepts.

This may sound a little bit off the wall at first, but I can promise you, and tell you that from personal experience, this is exactly the case.

When you are facing a change in life, or there is an impending obstacle that you know may bring with it a little bit of difficulty, your ability to stay calm and accept the situation is what will allow you to come out on top.

Am I saying that staying calm and letting life happen will mean that only good things will happen to you? No.

We all know that there are times in life that we don’t get treated how we want to by the world around us. Just know in those times where you feel like you are being defeated, all that is happening around you is happening to set up success and happiness later.

It is all testing you and preparing you and building you up.

It may hurt in the moment, it may be scary, and it might even set you back a few steps, but what is so bad about that?

If you face something and you lose a little bit of money…guess what? There’s plenty of more days to make the money back.

Everything that happens in your life is there to teach you and prepare you for the events to come. How you handle each situation, especially the tough ones, will determine the situations that you are given in the future.

So always remember that no matter what is coming your way, to stay calm and know that all that is about to happen in your life is happening FOR you not TO you. It is all there to help you level up and help you grow, so sit back, stay calm, and let yourself grow.

A rainstorm may be frightening to a flower, and the rain may hurt and the thunder may be loud, but the flower grows more from a rainstorm than it does from a sunny day.

Now that you are this far in this post you may be asking HOW to stay calm, and if you are that is excellent.

I will tell you exactly how I do it, and I will tell you a short non-detailed story that recently happened to me that is pushing me to write this.

I have a big change in my life coming up within the next week, and I recently experienced a small bump in the road that could have potentially taken quite a bit of money out of my hands when I need it most.

The news came to me that I might be missing out on a paycheck, and instead of letting a pit develop in my stomach and some negative thoughts creep in to my head, my first thought was about how if that is the case I would be able to sell some things or pick up an extra job and make some extra money.

It wasn’t about how screwed I’ll be if I miss out on that paycheck, it was simply about opening up myself to other opportunities if needed.

I constantly told myself, and other people close to me, that I’ll be able to work it out and everything will be alright.

That is exactly what I tell myself to stay calm.

‘It’ll be alright’

And I know that sounds a little too simple to really work, but if you believe in your soul that no matter the situation, everything will workout in your favor and benefit you in the end, it really will.

Sometimes you have to trick yourself in to calmness as well. If it doesn’t come to you naturally, you have to fake it till you make it and force yourself to believe it. Tell yourself over and over that it will be alright in the end.

Let your frequency match up with what the universe has planned for you.

Slow yourself down. Slow down your thoughts and open up to what is coming to you. If you are calm and available, everything will be able to come to you much easier than if you are anxious and nervous.

But most importantly, the best way to allow all of this to happen is to quit worrying about things that are out of your control.

Like I mentioned the flower and the rainstorm, does it do any good for the flower to worry about when the rain will stop? Absolutely not.

The flower will be much better off enjoying the hydration and knowing that the water will nourish the roots and help it grow and continue to be healthy.

Sit back, let everything come to you, and let what the universe brings to you nourish your soul and help you grow, because that is exactly what it wants to do.


Use Your First Thoughts of the Day as Your Fuel; Breakfast for Your Mindset Muscle

Use Your First Thoughts of the Day as Your Fuel; Breakfast for Your Mindset Muscle

When we wake up every morning we are faced with the first thought that comes in to our heads. Little do we know, it has the power to make us or break us that day.

Sometimes we wake up and the first thing that we think of is something that may set our whole day back before we even get it started.

I want you to think about what you think or what you say first thing in the morning. Do you curse your alarm and resent getting out of bed? Or once you come to and open your eyes are you ready to attack the day?

I’d bet money that most people are the former in the mornings, and I fall in to that sometimes as well. But you have to consciously wake up in the morning on the ‘right side of the bed’ and use your first words and first thoughts of the day as something that will give you the momentum you need throughout the day.

Use the beginning of your day as fuel for your mindset, and carry that positivity with you all day long.

Think of those first few thoughts as a breakfast for your mind. It is the first mental nourishment that you experience, and just like breakfast, you only want the best and the healthiest options. So why would you wake up and cuss at the day ahead of you first thing?

Every morning when you wake up you need to activate the mindset muscle and prepare it to be used in a positive way throughout the course of your day. Prime your mindset first thing in the morning, and it will be ready for you to use to your advantage all day.

Let the negativity creep in early, and it’ll stick around hold you back.

You have probably heard about affirmations and how if you tell yourself something enough times it will become true, and I understand that to a certain extent. But the fact of the matter comes down to whether or not you believe what you are saying.

I want you to try and start waking up in the mornings and giving yourself some positive feedback that you truly believe. Obviously there are more options and you can tailor them to your days and your beliefs, but these are a good place to start.

Here are some examples of the first words you should say or thoughts you should have, but like I said, you have to believe them and make them real.

‘I will work harder today than I did yesterday’

‘Today is going to be an amazing day for me’

‘When I get back in this bed tonight I am going to be better than I am right now’

‘I am going to get everything done that I need to get done today’

‘Something great is going to happen to me today’

‘Nobody can hold me back today’

Practice some of those verses in the mornings. Believe them. If you don’t, they will not do anything for you. They will simply be words.

Let them be fuel for your mindset muscle.


Why You Should Use Momentum From Past Successes to Push You Forward For More

Why You Should Use Momentum From Past Successes to Push You Forward For More

Keep pushing.

Feel the momentum driving you forward.

Let your good days throw you in to even better ones.

Let your bad days frighten you and make you run faster towards more good days.

Both are in your life for a reason.

Take advantage of your ability to recognize the balance that exists in our world. Without the bad there would be no good.

This essentially makes nothing bad. Accept that bad days are real, and they happen, but they set the stage for better days to come.

Paradoxical yes, truthful yes.

Let your momentum feel like a wave you are riding and can’t seem to get off.

It should feel exhilarating how effectively you are moving forward at all times.

Love your life.

Build your life.

Protect your life.

Realize your true freedom that you hold.

Our souls are so fortunate to be in the universe that we are in.

Love your world and your soul.

You are here to give and receive love.

Make the universe brighter.

The more you love, the happier you make the universe.

Be as good as you can possibly be.

A life on this planet with this soul would be wasted if you didn’t take full advantage and be the greatest you could possibly be.


Control Your Process; How to Hack Your Personal Growth

Control Your Process; How to Hack Your Personal Growth

The most difficult part of the self improvement process is when you realize you have multiple areas in your life that you need to improve on.

You think that you have to fix five things about yourself all at the same time, and then when you slip up on one or two things you think you have completely failed and you put yourself back at square one.

We’ve all done this before. We choose three or four New Year’s Resolutions and next thing you know we forget about two of them, so we want to just scrap the entire operation.

I’ve personally fallen victim to this many times.

Don’t bombard yourself with goals and must-do’s right away. Overloading yourself before you are ready for it will cause you to crumble.

It takes a lot of energy to alter your habits and evolve as a person.

You must first decide on the most vital area for improvement and take care of that one first.

Most things will probably only take a month to capture some momentum and take control of.

If you want it badly enough, you will make it happen.

If you have trouble eating healthy, get yourself to meal prep once or twice a week and always have healthy meals on hand. If you are always prepared, you won’t be so tempted to grab some fast food or skip a meal.

Once you succeed in that first month of change, it is time to keep moving forward.

Ride the momentum from taking care of your first issue at hand and let that hurl you forward in to your next breakthrough. Stay true to that clean diet (or other change you made) and know that if you can do that, then you can do anything else.

Through all of it, just know that going slow is okay and sometimes it is the best option. Keep moving forward even if it is only one step at a time.

Nobody has ever scaled a mountain by standing at the bottom and just looking up at the top. Action is required for achievement and there is no rule for how fast you need to act. Stay consistent with your actions and you will eventually reap the benefits.

Be patient with your process.

Enjoy your process.

Laugh at your struggles and celebrate your success.