Be Patient & Find What Works Best For You

Be Patient & Find What Works Best For You

It might take you some time to figure out what methods and systems work best for you, and that is perfectly fine.

What isn’t perfectly fine however, is giving up after trying only a handful of things.

The beauty is in the process. While it may not seem like it, you have time to figure it out. Regardless of how you old you are, your drive to improve and find what works for you should never diminish.

I’m thankful every day for the time I have ahead of me to figure out what Skyler should be doing. I have time to try, and fail.

As do you, regardless of your age. Because the amount of years you may or may not have left is not what I mean when I say time. I mean you have plenty of tries.

It’s like you are playing a baseball game and you are up to bat – but you will never strike out!

Swing as many times as you want. Try and hit the curve ball in the dirt. Take a hack at the high and inside fastball. You might not always hit the ball, but guess what? Here comes another pitch. Here comes another day.

Whether you know baseball or not is not the point, but I will mention that of all the professional baseball players who have hit hundreds and hundreds of home runs in their careers, some were better than others at hitting curve balls for home runs, and some were better at hitting fastballs for home runs.

(That was a long sentence, and I apologize for that) ^

But just because your neighbor wakes up and goes for a run every morning, that doesn’t mean you have to be the person who gets up while it is still dark out to go for a jog.

You can be the one who finds time over a lunch break.

You can be the one who can get the most effective workout after work.

And it isn’t just exercise.

Just always keep in mind, different stokes for different folks.

I (think) I am finally finding out what works best for me, and it isn’t what works best for my friends. And that is awesome to me.

Take your time and try a bunch of different methods. Different diets, different workouts, different morning routines, all of it. Move things around and test it all out, you will eventually find out what works best.

A good way to do this, but you have to be careful, is to let yourself idle for a short moment.

Do nothing and be nothing, and find out what comes naturally for you.

I took a step back for a moment to find out what I naturally do, and I have found out that it is a task for me to get up and eat breakfast every day. So what works best? Intermittent fasting. I skip breakfast and don’t eat until a little after lunch, and then I eat big for just a few hours of the day.

Enough about me though, this isn’t what this is about.

This is about YOU.

Do YOU. Find out what works best and roll with it!

Good luck.


There Is No Magic Pill Or Secret Formula

There Is No Magic Pill Or Secret Formula

I have a bad habit of always wanting to wait until things are just right, or expecting that circumstances will change when there is some type of external change.

Deep down I know that no situation will be perfect, and no timing will be excellent, until you make it that way.

It is up to you and only you to make your life what you want it to be.

A bigger paycheck won’t do it for you.

A new boss won’t do it for you.

The only way things will ever be perfect, is if you strive to make them perfect. And in order to do that, damn near every day needs to be perfect.

Fine tune the little things because there really is no truer statement than this –

How you do the small things, is how you do all things.


And when you let small habits slip, or let bad habits creep in to your life, you notice the changes begin to happen on a larger scale.

You notice that all of a sudden, you’ve packed on an extra 10-15 pounds.

Or you notice that all of a sudden, it has been 3 months since you have seen the inside of a gym.

It is estimated that all of us have a group between 5-10 habits that we perform the exact same way, every single day.

These may range from how you brush your teeth, which phone your pocket sits in, to which route you take to work.

But when one of these things changes, it can throw a wrench in our day to day lives.

When one of these habits change for the worse, or even worse – you develop a new bad habit – there is a domino effect that essentially turns in to you not believing in yourself anymore.

Because now that you have a habit you don’t like – you aren’t performing as well as you used to be.

Because you aren’t performing as well as you used to be – your belief in yourself begins to diminish.

The tipping point comes right here.

You have arrived at the figurative ‘fork in the road.’

Your bad habits can stay with you, and make you a new version of you – a worse one.

Or you can kick those habits in the ass and never see them again, creating a better you.

The most important step in this process is realizing that you are at a fork!

Praise God that there are different actions you can take. If you have this realization you will literally consciously make changes to be better, or consciously choose to continue to get worse and worse.

Nobody in their right mind would choose to continue becoming worse – would they?



Getting worse is EASY.

Getting better is HARD.

Getting fat and unhealthy is EASY.

Losing weight and getting in shape is HARD.

You will NEVER receive a reward without first going through something and achieving what you set out to achieve.

There truly is no such thing as a free lunch.

You will not get an amazing life if you don’t work your ass off through a hard time.

People who retire at the age of 35 with $100,000,000 in the bank did not achieve that by doing things that were easy.

People who are still working to pay rent and buy groceries at age 70 are in that position most likely because they wanted the easy road earlier in their lives. They wanted to stay at the job that didn’t pay very well but was easy. They wanted to watch TV and eat shitty food every day because it was easy.

Staying up a little bit later to learn something about your business you run is not easy.

Waking up early to work out because you won’t have time that day is not easy.

But things like this, the not easy things, are what will guide you to the life that you envision for yourself.

The life you envision is not sitting on a couch watching Netflix and eating McDonald’s – so why is that what you do??

You will get out what you put in! Putting that in will only get you that result in the long run.

However, the good GREAT news is that you are in the drivers seat!

You control where the car goes and how fast it goes. You control whether you change the oil and put air in the tires or if you want to ride on flats and damage your rims.

Nobody controls your life the way that you think they do.

The only person who controls your life is YOU. Corny yes – true yes.

If you consistently wake up on time, prepare yourself for the day, stay on task and complete everything you set out to complete, fuel your body the correct way, nourish your mind with positivity and productivity, give and receive the utmost amount of love as humanly possible, you will have an incredible life.

Just as soon as you began to feel your life dip down in to a slump, it can be revived! You know this because you have felt it. You have literally done it.

You know for a fact that it is as easy as taking things one day at a time – getting out of the rut and on to the right path – for you to be where you want to be again.

Don’t be ashamed of your progress either.

Don’t give a damn about other people.

Don’t care so much about broadcasting everything.

It may seem like creating a social media brand and this and that is a great way to go, but dammit; wait until you are already somebody worth branding!

Blah blah blah self worth. I’m not shit right now – I know this.

I want to be the shit though??? So I will be. But I need to stop pretending I am, until I really am.

I will write another post – probably on the other account – about how I will know when I am the shit.


Correspondence & What That Means To You

Correspondence & What That Means To You

Inspiration from this article came from a post on written by Justin C Scott.

Do me a favor and for a moment, picture a tree.

Think about how each part of the tree is basically a mirror image of a different part of the tree.

The branches? A smaller version of the trunk. And the trunk? A larger version of the branches.

The Law of Correspondence explains that this is exactly how our entire universe is structured. The inner truth of the functionality of our universe is in fact a carbon copy of the outer truth.

As above, so below…

Now when it comes to your personal life, how does this come in to play?

I’ll tell you.

The way you view the outside world and everything that happens to you, is a direct reflection of what is happening inside of you. All of the negativity and the hate that you see around you, more so shines light on what is going on internally than externally.

If your mental environment is one that is toxic, you will find yourself in situations and surrounded by people that are also toxic.

Like attracts like…

If you notice that you may have trace amounts of toxicity in you, I have the perfect solution.

Is it the Golden Rule? Treat others as though you wish you be treated?

No. In fact, it is the Platinum Rule. Live your life with an understanding that everyone and everything around you IS you.

Look at what bothers you most about people, and you may just find that same issue is what bothers you about yourself.

Keep this in mind for the next week, act on it, and watch as your external world slowly begins to shift in correspondence with the changes you’re making to your internal world.