30 Examples of Moments/Things You Can Start Being Thankful For

As I go through my day I am actively seeking out things to be thankful for and things to appreciate. Instead of finding hate and negativity, I continuously find love and reasons to be excited about life.

Let Go Of Your Desire To Obtain It, And The Universe Will Give It To You

It can be easy to sit and sulk in our negativity, but stepping back and removing ourselves from the situation and from the negativity can give us the refreshing energy we need to obtain what we originally needed.

Supplement Your To Do List With A To Be List

One thing that I have done a very good job of lately is constructing (and most of the time completing) daily to do lists. In the morning before I walk out the door I note down about three or four things off the top of my head that I know I need to get doneContinue reading “Supplement Your To Do List With A To Be List”