Trump Addresses Nation Regarding Coronavirus; Businesses Soar In Value

I want to show you the very real correlation between politics, business, and your ability to make money.

We all know about coronavirus. Donald Trump spoke for a couple of hours today in front of a team of doctors, businessmen, and other politicians about its implications and our strategy as a country. He invited multiple CEO’s and COO’s up to the mic to say a few words.

Executives from Target, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and a handful of others all shook the Trumps hand as they took the stage for a moment. All of these companies are agreeing to partner with the CDC and the Federal Government to expedite the coronavirus testing process.

The companies will be opening up their parking lots to be used as mobile drive through testing centers.

Everyone who spoke seemed delighted and happy to be working together, despite technically being competitors. Personally I think it is great that they are doing this and I think if it can really help speed up the testing process and provide a greater amount of tests for our population, we should do it.

However, I want to highlight one company that spoke today. LHC Group.

I didn’t quite catch what they do or who they are, but for some reason I was inclined to look up their stock value online.

I was amazed. As an investor, I was a little late.


What this image is showing is the stock value for LHC Group throughout the course of the day. For whatever reason early on it was sliding, but can anyone guess what happened around 3:30 PM?

An executive from LHC Group was speaking at the Presidents podium. For 5 minutes at most, he was answering questions and giving statements thanking the United States Government for the opportunity to work together.

The image above is proof.

People will often make statements that politics don’t matter and that it is all just an act and another reality TV show. The image of LHC Group stock price is all you need to see to understand how real it is. That right there is an opportunity to make money! Just by paying attention.

If I bought LHC Group stock before the address started at $113, and watched it soar all the way up to $129, I would be an extremely happy man. Imagine being bought in with 100 shares. Your profits go through the roof.

I’m going to be very hesitant to give any definitive advice, because the market is so volatile right now and I’m not even doing much myself. So all I will advise you to do, is pay attention. Keep up. Watch the market and pay attention to the politicians and the corporations. It is a game you can play with your money that can pay off in huge ways.


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