If The Internet/Social Media Suddenly Quit Working…What’s In Store For You?

We all know how important social media platforms, and the internet as a whole, are to our lives. They help elevate us and allow us to reach people on the other side of the world instantly. Without a doubt, we are the only humans to have set foot on this earth that have this ability.

Aside from all the negativity that social media garners, it truly is an incredible tool for us. People make their livings on all different platforms of social media in what seems to be an infinite amount of ways.

A problem arises when we suddenly no longer have these things though..

What would become of our lives if suddenly we had no internet, or if we had no social media?

Are you able to survive and thrive in ways that don’t involve a computer or a cell phone?

You may be thinking about how you don’t make any money from social media or the internet because you have a real job.

How many emails do you send a day for your job? How many potential clients do you find and communicate with via Instagram or LinkedIn?

I would guess that it is a decent amount.

Today, July 3, 2019, a handful of the major social media platforms are down.

People have been struggling to send messages on Twitter, post pictures to Instagram, share posts on Facebook, etc.

It isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and it isn’t the last.

So, and not to get apocalyptic or anything, what will you do when the internet stops working?

*Side note – Also, what will you do when the banks fail? Cause that’s gonna happen a lot sooner than we think. I may write about this another time but not today.

Are you able to survive, make money, and continue to improve without the internet?

Do a quick self reflection and ask yourself how dependent you are on social media and the internet.

Build your life and prepare for a future of chaos only to realize that it is truly a walk in the park. It is so so so much better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Hope I didn’t scare you…


Published by Skyler J. Windmiller

Football coach and entrepreneur starting my journey through life. Teaching all that I learn to people whose shoes I was recently in. I want to let every young adult know what I wish I knew then.

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