Correspondence & What That Means To You

Inspiration from this article came from a post on written by Justin C Scott.

Do me a favor and for a moment, picture a tree.

Think about how each part of the tree is basically a mirror image of a different part of the tree.

The branches? A smaller version of the trunk. And the trunk? A larger version of the branches.

The Law of Correspondence explains that this is exactly how our entire universe is structured. The inner truth of the functionality of our universe is in fact a carbon copy of the outer truth.

As above, so below…

Now when it comes to your personal life, how does this come in to play?

I’ll tell you.

The way you view the outside world and everything that happens to you, is a direct reflection of what is happening inside of you. All of the negativity and the hate that you see around you, more so shines light on what is going on internally than externally.

If your mental environment is one that is toxic, you will find yourself in situations and surrounded by people that are also toxic.

Like attracts like…

If you notice that you may have trace amounts of toxicity in you, I have the perfect solution.

Is it the Golden Rule? Treat others as though you wish you be treated?

No. In fact, it is the Platinum Rule. Live your life with an understanding that everyone and everything around you IS you.

Look at what bothers you most about people, and you may just find that same issue is what bothers you about yourself.

Keep this in mind for the next week, act on it, and watch as your external world slowly begins to shift in correspondence with the changes you’re making to your internal world.


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