The Smartest People Know That They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

One of the truest signs of intelligence is the ability of a person to understand that there are things out there in which they do not know about or understand.

This quote here is one of my absolute favorites in regards to this;

The wisest know most what they know least


It may seem confusing on first read (much like the title of this post), but as you dissect it a little bit deeper you can finally put a pin in the meaning.

Intelligent people know that there is limits on their knowledge, and they also understand that there is truly an ever expansive amount of knowledge to be had during our lifetime. There are so many elements of our lives that are changing on a day to day basis, even down to the hour and the minute at the pace which we live in this modern age.

With more things happening faster than ever before, it is crucial that you understand this..



Harsh? A little. True? A lot.

Accepting that there are things you do not know will allow you to open up to those things. If you convince yourself you know all that there is to know, you will want nothing less than to learn more. You view yourself at the top of the mountain already, what more about climbing a mountain does someone who is standing at its peak have to learn?

The difference between you and said mountain climber is this, the mountains we face in our lives have no peak.

Can Tom Brady learn more about football and playing quarterback? Absolutely. Even though some may place him at the top of the quarterback mountain, does he continue to try and climb higher? Absolutely.

There are people below Tom fighting hand over fist to replace him at the top of the mountain.

Can Jeff Bezos learn more about business and building wealth? Absolutely. Even though some may place him at the top of the business mountain, does he continue to try and climb higher? Absolutely.

The point is that these two men understand that even though they may be considered the best at what they are doing, there is an endless amount of knowledge and potential for them that they must nail down to stay at the top and continue to raise the roof on expectations for their respective professions.

Understand that there are things out there that you do not know, but they are there for you to know. When you find this knowledge and apply it, understand that it will make you better at what you are doing than you are right now.

Thanks. (and good luck moving forward).

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Football coach and entrepreneur starting my journey through life. Teaching all that I learn to people whose shoes I was recently in. I want to let every young adult know what I wish I knew then.

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