Time and Energy

I have mentioned this before, but this is something I want to write about once again simply because it is one of the loudest points being made in my life right now.

We live most of our lives on a fine line. We walk a fine line between what we want to do, and what we need to do. Majority of the time, it can be difficult for us to see that what we need to do will bring us more benefit in the long term, but what we want to do will bring us more joy in the short term.

This is something we all experience. The hour long nap or Netflix break will provide us with a little bit of rest, something easy that does not require too much effort, but might set us back on something in the future. Maybe we skip a homework assignment and say we will do it on Sunday before it is due.. we have all been there.

But what tends to slip our minds in these situations is the only two things we truly have.

Time. Energy.

Those two things are all that we have on a daily basis. We have 24 hours, and we have the energy that we have provided ourselves with up to that point.

People struggle to find the connection between these two things and let them both slip away.

They then find out later down the road that we have cut our time and energy in half, and doubled the work that is required of us.

Some will say that ‘I like to wait til the last minute so I can put some pressure on myself to actually get it done.’

This is such BS.

It is laziness, and it is the wrong inner voice taking control of us in the current moment and telling us that we basically have unlimited time and energy to accomplish what we need to accomplish.

From past experiences in your life, you should know that this rarely works out.

How many times did you, as a student, say you were going to wait until the day before the assignment was due to complete it? Next thing you know you wake up the day it is due and you have yet to complete the assignment. Now you have to bust your ass to finish something with less time, because you abused your right to control your time, and you also have less energy simply because you have less time.

The energy we have to complete tasks and live our lives is not necessarily constant, because it can be observed that we obviously have more in some situations and less in others, but our energy levels always balance out.

For every spike, we have a crash. Every moment we demand excess energy from ourselves, we find ourselves later down the road with limited energy.

This plays in to the homework example simply because if you offer yourself half the time to complete something, you in turn offer yourself half of the energy. You cannot double your energy in half the amount of time.

Time brings with it energy, and energy is a by product of the time you are choosing to spend.

It struck me to write about this topic again because I am facing moments in my life that are demanding of much of my time and my energy.

I am in situations where I am required to choose certain areas of my life to devote my time and energy to over other areas.

If I decide to work on my writing, that is one hour less of my day that I have to spend in the gym.

If I decide to sit at a computer and get to work on my new business opportunity, that is less time and energy that I can devote to preparing for my teaching certification tests.

Some of the most successful people I have seen tend to be experts at dividing up their time and energy.

They understand this concept and are able to control their time and energy either from just an exceptionally high level of internal understanding, or time budgeting.

Once these successful people learn how they operate the most efficiently, they implement those strategies in to their lives and almost run on an autopilot routine.

The same devotion of time and energy to the same wide variety of daily tasks will create an amazing commitment to your goals, and put you down the most optimal path that you can find.

Begin to understand how you operate, and find the way in which you can live your life that will provide the most efficient work flow, with the highest upside.


Published by Skyler J. Windmiller

Football coach and entrepreneur starting my journey through life. Teaching all that I learn to people whose shoes I was recently in. I want to let every young adult know what I wish I knew then.

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