Life Has A Scoreboard; The World Will Be Difficult

This is almost word for word from Scott Van Pelt’s ‘1 Big Thing’ segment on SportsCenter. I watched and listened to him talk about this and felt that writing about it would be an excellent topic to share.

I intend for no copyright infringement and give all credit for the content in this post to SVP and ESPN.

He began with this..

This isn’t about snowflakes, or being soft, but about a gigantic problem with the direction our society is headed.

It almost seems like we’re going out of our way to see that it gets worse…

People have a real issue when it comes to being held accountable or when others are held accountable too ‘harshly.’

We become to concerned with whether or not someone has had their feelings hurt and we forget this…

Life has a scoreboard.

The world will be difficult.

We do nobody any favors when we coddle them to the point that they hear no criticism, or a harsh word, or face no adversity.

The college admissions scandal is a great example of this. They say you should prepare your kids for the path, not prepare the path for your kids.

You can’t eliminate every challenge or adversity that they may face.

We are so concerned with safe spaces and being nice, that when a coach in a sport is coaching one of their players, it is viewed as out of bounds.

There is a dynamic that is seemingly followed less and less, and that is that nobody tries to win due to all of the participation ribbons and trophies, and passion in others to win becomes taboo.

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo recently was put in the spotlight for the way he was speaking to one of his players during a March Madness tournament game.

Many people from both sides of the equation have come to voice their opinion, but there is undoubtedly one thing that is noticeable about the two sides…

The people who win in life and don’t care what it takes…are on Coach Izzo’s side.

The people who aren’t on Coach Izzo’s side, I will let you figure out what types of people those are.


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