If You Don’t Like What You Are Getting, Take A Look At What You Are Giving

Something I have mentioned before in a few of my posts is how what we put out in to the universe is ultimately what is going to come back to us.

Just like my piece last weekend that spoke about judgement..the judgment you put out, is the judgement that will come back to you.

Again, this is a topic that I picked up from my visit to church this weekend. A new series was recently started called ‘What Happy Couples Know’ and it will touch on a handful of different aspects of relationships and marriage. However, I am going to keep the relationship side out of it and relate it back to us as individuals.

As the title says…

If you don’t like what you are getting, take a look at what you are giving.

If life seems to be beating you up a little bit lately, or people you come in contact with seem to be a little bit more rude or standoffish, take a look at the energy and the vibe that you have been putting out in to the world lately.

It can be difficult to look back and truly reflect on this, but if you can do it honestly, there is a good chance that you will find that what you have been receiving lately is because of what you have been giving lately.

Now obviously, this is not always the case.

But a good place to start when you are upset with how life has been treating you, is to take a very close look at how you have been treating life. It may surprise you when you reflect that you haven’t been as polite, or as loving as you need to be in order to let those feelings come in to your life.

So before you curse the world and everybody in it for what has been coming to you as of late, take a few steps back and slow down and truly try to recognize the energy that you have been giving to the world and the people around you.

This leads in to the next point that was a major take away from church for me this weekend..

If you want something different, be it.

The example used in the relationship context of ‘What Happy Couples Know’ was if your significant other has not been as kind or as affectionate towards you recently, you be those things for them and you should get that in return.

However, an important note (I know I said I wasn’t going to make this about relationships but I feel the need to include this piece), do not give only to receive. Give to give.

Aside from relationships, if you want something different in your life, you need to be it.

If you want 6 pack abs, you need to be the person that does the things to get 6 pack abs. You need to eat clean, exercise regularly, etc.

It sounds a little bit obvious, but it really struck a chord with me.

If you want something different than what you are getting in your life, you need to change. You need to be the difference. Do not expect the outside world to simply change because you want it to or change for the better just off of chance.

People get stuck in ruts because they think something may get better with time when actually things get better with action.

A better life comes from you, not what is around you.

So take those two quotes and run with them. Etch them inside of your brain and understand that the things are coming to you are most likely because of what you are putting out. The energy you receive is the energy you are giving, and this is true in your relationship with your spouse or significant other, and your relationship with the universe.


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