How Judgment Holds Us Back From Experiencing Love; Bias Is A Silent Killer of Relationships

Being in a new state and having finally got settled in after the move, I finally made time to find a church and attend a Sunday morning service.

It is the first I have been to down here, but I think it will be the one that I end up sticking with. It is a new, modern, and exciting church to attend that offers plenty of volunteer opportunities and ways to develop relationships with great people.

Now for those of you reading this that have known me for a while, and those who haven’t, I have a confession.

I did not grow up in a religious household, and I still would not consider myself religious today.

I don’t necessarily abide by any rules or views of a certain religion, and the God that a lot of people talk about and worship is not exactly how I practice religion.

For me I tend to understand things better when I look at ‘God’ and ‘The Universe’ as synonymous. Both have the ultimate power and have been around for all of time.

Now enough about my religious beliefs…let me tell you about what the service contained on Sunday.

The Pastor spoke in depth about judgement, and how it can hold us back from experiencing and understanding the relationships that we develop.

He also mentioned the way that we judge people, is ultimately the way we will be judged when our time comes. So in a religious sense, the way you look upon and judge other people in your life, is the same way that God will judge you when you step up to Heaven’s gates.

This is something that my not so religious side can take away and spin it just a little bit.

Instead of it being so much about Heaven, it becomes more about your true world and what you are living right now.

If you judge outwardly from a negative bias, that shows that you are experiencing negativity within yourself. If you see bad, you hold bad. If you see good, you hold good.

In the same way that God will judge you when your time comes based on how you have judged, you judge yourself in congruence with how you judge others.

Remember this next time you assume something about someone before you jump to conclusions.

Be patient, and God, the universe, will be patient with you. Show love to everyone around you and practice patience, and the same will be shown to you.

The other thing that was talked about on Sunday was how preconceived notions of people can put them in boxes that they will never get out of.

You look at someone, listen to the first thing you hear out of their mouth, and create an entire category to put them in within thirty seconds of meeting them. This can happen in a good way, or a bad way.

The boxes that you put people in this early make it tough for them to get out, and even difficult for you to get them out.

When this is the case, it holds us back from truly being able to open ourselves up to them and develop relationships that can be capable of love and compassion.

This is so true.

There are so many other things that we allow to have an impact on our relationships, and many of those things should not be prioritized over other aspects, but they are.

So moving forward, what I want you to take away from this is the same thing I took away from church on Sunday.

Hold back the reigns on your judgement after first impressions, so not to limit the potential of your relationships within mere minutes of meeting somebody.

Also, how you perceive the world and other people is truly how you perceive yourself. The negativity that you think you see outside of you is because it truly exists within you, and obviously the same can be said in the opposite. The happiness and positivity you see is what is within you as well.


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