Dream Boards Don’t Make Your Dreams Come True

One thing I have noticed recently, and it may sound obvious, is that things are only going to happen for you if you make them happen. Sitting back and being patient and letting the world come to you, counting on the law of attraction to build the life you want, will never get you to the top of the mountain.

There is one thing and one thing only that gets you to your goals, or the top of the mountain, and that is taking steps.

Left, right, left right, left, right.

You are the one who moves your feet, and you are the one who decides where you go and how fast you get there.

I’ve been moving much faster lately and it has almost turned in to an adrenaline rush for me. I love the idea of getting up in the mornings and knowing that I am going to be challenging myself throughout the course of the day.

I have a handful of opportunities and responsibilities coming in to my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. They are all things that I haven’t done before, and I might not necessarily be prepared for, but I am thrilled beyond words for them.

Like I mentioned Jesse Itzler saying the other day, ‘if you wait until you are fully prepared to open the doors in your life, you will never open them.’

I only heard that a couple days ago but I am already implementing it and feeling that new mindset shift my day to day thinking.

So with that being said, begin to work towards something. Put yourself in situations that will allow you to grow and learn, and show yourself that you can dominate every day of your life.

Push yourself in the direction of something that you want and you will start to notice big shifts in your overall life.

You’ll feel fresher.

You’ll wake up in the mornings easier because you have something driving you to get out of bed.

You’ll have a purpose that gives meaning to your thoughts and actions.

Test yourself and try new things. Grow as a person and you’ll love what you become.


Published by Skyler J. Windmiller

Football coach and entrepreneur starting my journey through life. Teaching all that I learn to people whose shoes I was recently in. I want to let every young adult know what I wish I knew then.

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