Commitment and Structure is What Will Make You Great

Something that I have struggled with in the past is choosing a path and truly staying committed to it.

Whether it be diet, exercise, reading daily, etc. I used to do really well for about a month at a time and then I let what Jesse Itzler calls a ‘zero day’ start an avalanche of inactivity.

It frustrated me to no end, because I would workout consistently and eat well and start to notice some changes, but then I’d miss a day, or a couple days in a row, let my diet slip up a little bit, and then next thing I know it had been a month since I was back in the weight room.

I would rationalize with myself about why it is okay that I slip up.

My most common rationalizing thought was this:

‘If I workout consistently for a month and then take a few weeks off, at least I am better than I would be if I weren’t working out at all!’

This is absolute poison for your mind.

The phrase ‘at least’ is what will give you exactly that, THE LEAST.

I had wasted too much time sliding back down mountains I had worked so hard to climb up, and it is officially time for me to end that routine.

Side note: I am being completely honest with you all because I am sure some of you have fallen in to the same category that I have described above, and need a little bit of motivation to pull you the rest of the way up those mountains.

When Andy Frisella came out with his 75Hard program, which is 100% free and I will post it below, I felt like it was speaking directly to me and working as a guide for me to listen and follow along.

One thing not mentioned is that if you miss a day…you start over at day 1. Does not matter if you are at day 6 or day 56, if you forgo even just one of the activities on this list, you are back to square 1.

I’m absolutely thrilled for the challenge and I already know that once I complete the 75 days, those 5 things will be habits that will stick with me and I will be able to effortlessly continue.

It took me seeing this list to realize that I lacked long term commitment and often times my life became unstructured.

I would let a single zero day lead to another and then another and boom, before I knew it I had a zero week.

When you are committed and structured, there is no way for a zero day to slip in. You wake up at the same time every day, complete the same tasks every morning, and you are started off on the right foot. The foot you should be on and the foot that pushes you forward in to the next task.

It is so much easier to stay consistent and productive when you know what is coming next and how much time you have. I have never been in any military service, but from what I understand is that their days are laid out for them almost to the minute, which is why they are some of the most dedicated and committed individuals that we know of.

A great way to begin your commitment and understand what it will take, is to look at the end goal that you have in mind, and structure backwards from that.

If I want to deadlift 405 and bench press 315 by January 2020 I can work backwards and plan out every day with those things in mind. I can set up each workout and each training session with that end goal in mind, and structure it to where I put in the work daily to make those things happen.

As I said before, up to this point my life had been missing a little bit of structure and some commitment in different areas, but I am here to announce that from this point forward that is no longer who I am.

I will be open and honest with my journey, and still do everything I can to help you out in any way possible.


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Football coach and entrepreneur starting my journey through life. Teaching all that I learn to people whose shoes I was recently in. I want to let every young adult know what I wish I knew then.

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