We Are All Golden Underneath Our Flaws; Chip Away to Reveal the Best You

I heard a story last night that really struck a chord with me. Here it is in summary;

There was once a small Tibetan village tucked away in a mountain range, that held ownership of a larger than life pure gold Buddha statue. They worshipped it. They had received news of an invasion that was soon to happen, so they covered the statue in mud and grass and other things so that it would not appear as valuable to the intruders. The intruders came, and went, with the statue untouched. Years later, the village was repopulated by new inhabitants, who soon came to know the true value of the statue. One day the statue was bumped in to, and part of the hardened mud had chipped off, showing a glimmer of the pure gold that lay beneath. As curiosity struck, the members of the village began to chip away a little more, revealing more and more pure gold, until they finally poured water over the entire statue to clean it off, finally realizing what was really there.

Can you identify the moral of the story before I tell it to you?

The important thing for you to realize is that you have a golden layer, there may just be some mud and grass covering it up. It is your job to realize what the mud and grass is, and chip away at it to reveal the beauty you truly hold.

Much like I mentioned in one of my pervious articles, Control Your Process, this is all about finding the things you need to remove, slowly, in order to be successful.

Take habits you know are holding back your progress, and purge them. Each habit you knock away, will reveal more gold. Because the fact of the matter is, the more bad habits you erase, the more room you have for good habits.

If you stop yourself from getting worse, you have no choice but to get better.

Skyler J. Windmiller

All things that hold you back need to be removed from your life, and know that it is okay if you do this slowly. One habit at a time. The famous saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ is extremely true.

Making yourself better can be a very daunting task, and it can be scary. A good way to combat this may be to try and stop making yourself worse. Almost self improvement in reverse. Know that video games are making you worse, so quit doing them. When you quit playing video games you will in turn force yourself to find a new habit, which creates the opportunity for you to make yourself better. The hard part is, filling the void with a positive habit. Focus on not allowing yourself to get worse.

There is no such thing as staying the same. If you aren’t getting better, you are getting worse.

Take the habits that make you worse out of your life, chip away at the mud and grass and reveal the pure gold. Work in reverse.

As mentioned above, focusing on creating a better life by adding more good habits can be a tall task, and scary to some. So scary in fact that they give in and revert to their old habits that they feel comfortable in.

I hope you all enjoyed this read and I hope it helps you take on self improvement through a different lens.


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