Why You Should Use Momentum From Past Successes to Push You Forward For More

Keep pushing.

Feel the momentum driving you forward.

Let your good days throw you in to even better ones.

Let your bad days frighten you and make you run faster towards more good days.

Both are in your life for a reason.

Take advantage of your ability to recognize the balance that exists in our world. Without the bad there would be no good.

This essentially makes nothing bad. Accept that bad days are real, and they happen, but they set the stage for better days to come.

Paradoxical yes, truthful yes.

Let your momentum feel like a wave you are riding and can’t seem to get off.

It should feel exhilarating how effectively you are moving forward at all times.

Love your life.

Build your life.

Protect your life.

Realize your true freedom that you hold.

Our souls are so fortunate to be in the universe that we are in.

Love your world and your soul.

You are here to give and receive love.

Make the universe brighter.

The more you love, the happier you make the universe.

Be as good as you can possibly be.

A life on this planet with this soul would be wasted if you didn’t take full advantage and be the greatest you could possibly be.


Published by Skyler J. Windmiller

Football coach and entrepreneur starting my journey through life. Teaching all that I learn to people whose shoes I was recently in. I want to let every young adult know what I wish I knew then.

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