The Eternal Echoes that Come From All We Do and Think

We have all heard the quote;

What you do now, echoes in eternity.

But please think about this for a second, and realize that it takes in to account much more than actions.

Littering instead of throwing away your trash is not what this quote aims to define. Throwing the tissue on the ground will probably not change anything that happens throughout the course of your life. What it refers to is much deeper.

Let us begin with a quick lesson on deoxyribonucleic acid, in the form of bullet points. You’ll understand why in a second.

  • Carries instructions for your body when it comes to functioning, reproducing, surviving, thriving, and living
  • Adaptable and dynamic
  • Who you are and the life that you live becomes your genetic makeup
  • The term ‘you are what you eat’ is incredibly literal
  • Your environment becomes your body
  • The life you live, is the life you pass down through reproduction
    • If you eat like shit and tear your body apart, the offspring you create will start out with a torn apart bodily structure
  • Your thoughts are DNA and are therefore passed down just like health

Hopefully that was quick and easy and puts a good picture of DNA in your mind.

Knowing all of that now, can you imagine how one tiny thing will last forever?

Constantly remember that what you manifest in your mind is what becomes real for your body. If you think about how sick you feel and how shitty your life is, you’re going to be sick with a shitty life.

It can be proven time and time again, that what you believe will happen, is what will actually happen. Create the doors of opportunity that you want to be available for you in the future, RIGHT NOW. 

Make certain that when you reach a future point in your life, you will have all that you need and more. You are in charge of setting up your future, nobody else.

Take the tools that you are given, and sculpt the life of your dreams. If you don’t have certain tools that you need, find ways to get them. If you do not possess the tool of positive thought, you must find a way to get it. Read books on it, listen to talks about it, learn how to do it. I promise you have the ability to obtain any skill in the world if you want to be skilled in it.

Please know that every time you think of something, you are drawing the blueprint for your future. That is what the quote at the beginning of this article references. Be the architect for your future, because you are the only one that can! Nobody else is going to make your future happen.

There is one car in the entire universe. YOU are the only person in it, YOU are the one driving it.

Please take a short break to look at this picture and clear your mind a little bit, I am going to jam pack this post with two topics because I am feeling generous today and my mind is on a roll. Enjoy the image, and please continue down below for more.

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Welcome back, and I hope you took a moment to internalize everything you read above. Remember that, live your life with it, and go forward in to the world remembering that.

Now I have a task for you, that will require a lot of imagery, so I need you to try your best.

You are in a boat. A kayak, or raft, but a small boat that only you are in.

You are moving down a river. Easy parts, hard parts, beautiful scenery, ugly scenery, fast currents, slow currents, debris, etc.

The river is your life.

You create the river as you move through it, consciously and subconsciously. It can be as easy as you make it, or as difficult as you make it. But the entire course of the river is up to you.

The river of life never stops flowing.

The creation of the river never stops.

If this scenario were literally true, wouldn’t you create the most optimal river of all time???

Beautiful scenery along the sides, and an amazing ride for you as the passenger?

Think about this. Would you want it to be smooth waters with a slow current?

Seems easy, right?

It is easy. But there is no satisfaction in sitting in a kayak going 5 miles/hour down a river with no turns and no drop-offs.


You would eventually create a small waterfall for yourself, or put a couple obstacles in your path because you want to challenge yourself. There is nothing more exciting and rewarding in life than challenging yourself.

If you put a three foot high waterfall in the path of your river and easily make it down, you would probably chill out on some easy water for a second, bring yourself back down from the high of your achievement, and I bet you’d put a five foot high waterfall a little bit in front of you to challenge yourself even more.

Now the good part is, you can do this as many times as you want. You can make your life (the river) as exciting as you want it to be.

Five foot, ten foot, twenty foot, until you fail. Best part of failing, you get right back in the boat and keep going! Make another five footer to get your confidence back, then put that ten footer, then make another twenty footer and you succeed this time. You got better.

Throw in a tree stump that you have to dodge, challenge yourself, learn to maneuver around difficulties and you will soon become unstoppable.

You will build yourself up to the point where you can fly through your river at 20 miles/hour with waterfalls and stumps and debris and you won’t even bat an eye.

How much further will you get down your river by getting to that skill level?

You will be miles and miles ahead of someone who creates a 5 mile/hour river with no waterfalls or debris. You will lead a life that is open to opportunities that the other person will never even know exist.

Challenge yourself and you will become the most optimal version of you.

I feel it is important for me to say this though;

Challenging yourself DOES NOT require you to screw yourself.

Gambling your savings away and digging yourself a hole to get out of is not challenging yourself, that is screwing yourself.

Make sure your challenges are all opportunities for a level up. Adding a waterfall to your river forces you to adapt and advance.

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