Control Your Process; How to Hack Your Personal Growth

The most difficult part of the self improvement process is when you realize you have multiple areas in your life that you need to improve on.

You think that you have to fix five things about yourself all at the same time, and then when you slip up on one or two things you think you have completely failed and you put yourself back at square one.

We’ve all done this before. We choose three or four New Year’s Resolutions and next thing you know we forget about two of them, so we want to just scrap the entire operation.

I’ve personally fallen victim to this many times.

Don’t bombard yourself with goals and must-do’s right away. Overloading yourself before you are ready for it will cause you to crumble.

It takes a lot of energy to alter your habits and evolve as a person.

You must first decide on the most vital area for improvement and take care of that one first.

Most things will probably only take a month to capture some momentum and take control of.

If you want it badly enough, you will make it happen.

If you have trouble eating healthy, get yourself to meal prep once or twice a week and always have healthy meals on hand. If you are always prepared, you won’t be so tempted to grab some fast food or skip a meal.

Once you succeed in that first month of change, it is time to keep moving forward.

Ride the momentum from taking care of your first issue at hand and let that hurl you forward in to your next breakthrough. Stay true to that clean diet (or other change you made) and know that if you can do that, then you can do anything else.

Through all of it, just know that going slow is okay and sometimes it is the best option. Keep moving forward even if it is only one step at a time.

Nobody has ever scaled a mountain by standing at the bottom and just looking up at the top. Action is required for achievement and there is no rule for how fast you need to act. Stay consistent with your actions and you will eventually reap the benefits.

Be patient with your process.

Enjoy your process.

Laugh at your struggles and celebrate your success.


Published by Skyler J. Windmiller

Football coach and entrepreneur starting my journey through life. Teaching all that I learn to people whose shoes I was recently in. I want to let every young adult know what I wish I knew then.

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