Our Mission

At New Dimension we provide high quality workout supplements to young athletes and competitors. Our athletes experience high recovery rates which allow them to get right back to doing what they love. We will provide athletes and every member of the club with advice, insight, and knowledge in as many areas as we can. The reason behind our name is that we want to quite literally help you evolve from who you are today, in to who you know you can be. Take yourself to a New Dimension.

Contact us directly via skyler@ndsclub.com  

 We also love hearing from everybody on social media so be sure to hit us up and tag us when you mix your New Dimension Protein!

spring blowout

In lieu of our Spring Blowout Sale product has been flying off the shelves! If you have already made a purchase we appreciate you and your product + free gear will be arriving in no time.

For those of you that haven’t placed an order yet – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

This is a great opportunity to stock up on whey protein, pre-workout, creatine, and our amino acid’s at a price that won’t be here long. Once we sell out of our current inventory we will have our next batch of product coming in, and we can’t wait to introduce that to you all. 

Formulations will remain the same and the products you enjoy won’t change, but the look and feel will be different than what you are used to. We will finally be embracing the total concept of our New Dimension branding and we know you all will love it.


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