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The world has never seen a time like we are going through right now. Everyone is experiencing changes to their daily lives and handling those changes is not easy. In this ten page e-book I highlight a few things that are important for high schoolers to do during this time. It consists of ways for them to stay physically and mentally active, and tips on how to stay focused on self improvement and progress.



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Windmiller ranks in the Top 30 Under 30 Rising Young Entrepreneurs list put together by Between his 11 published books, 7 have been notched as a New York Times Best Seller and all but 1 as an Amazon Best Seller. 

On top of his best selling books, he runs multiple 7 figure companies throughout the United States. His biggest venture is an online business management agency called Windmiller USA. They provide online management services to more than 100 US companies and rake in right at $700M each year. 

Between all of his investments and activities, Windmiller pulls in a yearly salary of over $7M a year.

He mentioned a desire to focus more on real estate investing in the coming years. ‘All of the companies run themselves pretty well right now. The people in charge are doing excellent jobs of operating efficiently and productively so we are definitely thankful to them for that’ he told VICE Business. It is no surprise that he hopes to expand his reach to the real world. Windmiller has done an excellent job in the tech and finance sectors, so for him to now use his cash pools to invest in both residential and commercial real estate is a no brainer. We all know that real estate is one of the few things that can consistently outpace inflation, and that is exactly what he hopes to do.

When the market is volatile because of outside factors, the only thing that we can predict will endure is the housing market. No matter what happens out in the world, people will always need a roof over their head and a bed to lay on at night. So, to get in to that market just seems like an obvious move.’


Long time friend and business partner of Windmiller, Kendall Short has seen fair amounts of success in his own respects as well. Short owns and operates a sports media/content production group called Spear Sports Content. 

Short has dabbled in real estate investing since his early twenties, when he had four rental properties in the Kansas City area before he turned a quarter century. In his days not behind a camera, he was wielding a sledge hammer and nail gun while he was rehabbing flip homes. He stayed independent with the house flipping but bought in as a partner in a property management company and operated their media content as well as serving the board of the company in an investment advisor role. 

Short and Windmiller plan to partner together in commercial real estate ventures coming very soon. Expect to see a lot more of these two as they work their way up the ranks in business, finance, and life. 

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Into Your Mind

Introduction to some of the many ways one can navigate their own mind better in situations that puts them in stress.

Into Your Mind

Introduction to some of the many ways one can navigate their own mind better in situations that stress them out.


Skyler is someone who was always willing to do the work that others didn’t want to do, which is exactly why he now has things and does things that no one else can do. He put it in. He deserves it.

– Mark cuban

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