New Dimension Supplement Club

New Dimension is a company owned and operated by Windmiller that sells workout supplements such as Whey Protein, Creatine, Pre-Workout, and more. Products are formulated with the help of a Research Doctor out of Washington State University to ensure nothing but the cleanest and most important ingredients are included. 

E-Books and other published content

Windmiller has authored and published three E-Books in his young writing career. The Mindset Muscle is his first release, as well as his largest. It totals over 60 pages and contains realistic, actionable advice to take control of your mind – therefore taking control of your life. Click below to visit his Gumroad profile and download one of his E-Books.

Windmiller is currently serving as Offensive Coordinator for a 5A High School football program in Texas. This opportunity presented itself during his time as a Quarterbacks Coach for a Division II football program in the Great American Conference. He has taken parts of other offenses he has played and coached in to create his own playbook that he is currently using.

When he is not on the field coaching, he is in the classroom teaching. Windmiller teaches multiple classes including a Business Information Management course as well as a personal finance course called Money Matters. 

After graduating from Missouri Western State in 2017 where he earned a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in General Business, he continued his education and began making progress on his Masters in Business Administration. Windmiller is still currently enrolled and working on his MBA, set to finish up and graduate in 2021. 


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