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This site serves as a dynamic resumé that is owned, operated, and updated by me (Skyler). I built the original version in late 2018, and it originally served as a place for me to publish blogs and other written content.

I have always had a passion for two things; writing and helping. It wasn’t until I graduated college that I realized I could combine the two and create something that could potentially benefit everyone around me. The content you will find on this site will touch on a few broad ranged topics.

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  • Fiction

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Offensive Coordinator | Head Track Coach

After 15 years of suiting up in a helmet and shoulder pads, I was blessed with an opportunity to stay involved with the game I love most – football. I began my coaching career at the collegiate level at Southwestern Oklahoma State in 2018. I then took over the play-calling duties at Seguin High School in Arlington, TX in 2019, and just finished wrapped up my second season in that role.

This spring, I will be wearing a brand new hat as a first time Head Track Coach. I look forward to using my leadership and organizational abilities to thrive in this position and help young men continue to develop as athletes.


Fiction & Non-Fiction Author

Writing has been something I have been attracted to nearly my entire life. I love finding a way to put words down on paper (or a computer in this case) and make my ideas and visions come to life.

My first published work was a non-fiction mindset development book titled The Mindset Muscle. In just the first two months I sold over 100 copies both to family and complete strangers, and I am so glad that I went out on a limb and did that.

Fiction has also been a favorite of mine over the years, with my personal favorite being a short story called Tall Tales – which I have only shared with a few close friends. I hope to revisit it, edit it, and publish it before the year 2021 is complete.

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